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Jackie is a close friend of NARG, and a close confidant of wombats and indeed all the creatures and growing things in her nearby secret valley. Her website is always full of interesting stuff. You should visit every month at the very least.


'Can Do Better' is well worth a visit. It has a host of articles. This link takes you directly to an article about 2 of our members' work.


This one is fairly self explanatory.


Dear friends, passionate wombat carers and important members


 Interested in snakes...?


The new force in politics hopefully...


Braidwood Tourism Website has lots of links to things of general interest in the area. The Tourist bureau in town sold lots of calendars for us!


This is one of the prettiest sites you will see anywhere- Gordon's photography of the village is exceptional. It has much information about the village and of course the proposed gold mine.


Here is the Cortona site about the gold mine. 


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Special friends of NARG- please support them as they support us