Please Check Pouches

Please Check Pouches!

On a recent early morning drive we came upon a female wombat who had been hit by a car. She was lying on her back.

As we approached we could see she had been dead for several days.  She was very bloated.  Her stomach had expanded with gas and inverted the pouch so it looked like a balloon.  We knew there was no baby but Bill got out, turned her over and marked her.

As he turned back to the car he saw the baby lying on the road edge a few metres away.  At first we thought he was still alive as he was warm, soft and floppy but it soon became obvious that he had just died, probably within the previous half hour.  He was a beautiful one kilo boy with no obvious injuries, except a missing claw, although he was thin and dehydrated.  He must have been in the dead mum’s pouch for days until forced to crawl out by the expanding gas.  He then died of the cold.

Several cars passed us while we were there so it was obvious that many, many cars must have passed in the previous few days.  Any of these people could have saved the baby if they had bothered to checked the pouch.  Nobody bothered.  He suffered for days and died a cruel, slow death.

A baby can survive in a dead mother for several days.  Please check pouches and encourage your friends and family to check.  Teach them how to do it.  You might just save a life!!


Les Waterhouse

Wombat Coordinator.Please Check Pouches