2018 Wombat Calendars



The 2018 edition of the Wombat  Calendar is now on sale AGAIN for a mere $10 AUD (plus postage)!!!   

It's all  about you of course!

  • You can do all your Christmas shopping in one hit!!! 

  • You can buy them through this site, or email, or phone or even through facebook if you search out our page

  • You can send them to your friends or we can do it for you 

  • you can see below for all the details you need.



Don't miss out on a 2018 wombat calendar!!!!-

 you need to contact us straight away by email with the following information:

  •         Your name
  •         Your postal address
  •         How many 2018 calendars you want -

(they make great presents!!  Come on, they are only 10 bucks.)


Here is the email address-  calendars@narg.asn.au

Postage costs depend on where you want the calendars sent of course.

Postage rate (yes it's gone up again- sorry)

within Australia: 1 to 3 calendars $4.50... 4 to 6 calendars $9.00 - more by negotiation (us negotiating with Australia Post that is!)

the rest of the world:. there is a pre- paid deal for the rest of the world $9.00 for 250 grams. Our calendar weight is 145 grams so we usually get away with 2 calendars in each pre- paid envelope. We can do larger orders too of course!

Payment options

Direct Deposit details- only use this after you have contacted us so we can watch for your payment.

Account Name: Native Animal Rescue Group
Westpac Nowra  BSB: 032 691
Acct number: 275519
Please use your name as the identifier.


Link to Paypal for calendar sales (extra charge here I'm afraidfrown)


Australian dollars please- as well as the calendar price and postage, please add additional $2 to cover Pay Pal fees

When in PayPal please pay to: babywombats@gmail.com


Mailing address for Cheques

Shirley Lack
Treasurer NARG
PO Box 2191
Tomerong  NSW 2540

Any enquiries please go through the contact link on the top menu bar


or by phone to Shirley on  0438 434877

Or on the numbers below

Les or Bill Waterhouse

Braidwood area. 02 4846 1333 a/h
48461900 hotline 24/7

If you live close by in the Braidwood area you can pick your calendar up or maybe we can drop it off smiley

please contact Pixie on 4842 1501, Richard on 4846 1096 or if you are in the Canberra/ Queanbeyan area: Miriam on 0412 651 002