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Become a NARG member

Your annual NARG membership fee helps to provide for the animals that are with our network of carers. 

NARG holds regular meetings and training/workshops for members and prospective members about how to care for injured animals.

Membership types

  1. You may chose to become a member – a friend, supporter or rescuer/carer, and as such, you will be entitled to vote at General Meetings - the fee is $30 p.a.
  2. You may become a junior member if you are under the age of 18 years, your support will be appreciated, you may participate in all our meetings and workshops but you will not have a voting right - the fee is $15 p.a.

How to become a member

  1. Use the manual method and paper trail Download & complete the membership form and follow the instructions on the payment page to pay your fee. You will also find details for payment options here.
  2. Apply for membership online - just simply complete the form below, when you submit the form, you will get a copy via email, we get one, and if you pay by PayPal (preferred), you get an instant receipt.